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Exciting Developments Unveiled for Long Island Bahamas!

We are thrilled to share some incredible news that promises to elevate the allure of Long Island Bahamas to new heights will be happening in 2024– and our current & future owners investment in our Coconut Bay development is about to soar along with it!

Prepare to witness a transformation as the island gears up for a monumental makeover. At the forefront of this exciting evolution is the revitalization of our airport, poised to emerge as an international gateway. Gone are the days of cumbersome connections; soon, direct flights from the United States will whisk travelers straight to our pristine shores. Leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of another island's airport, Long Island is poised to streamline accessibility like never before, bidding farewell to the need for layovers in Nassau.

But that's just the beginning! The Bahamian Government has greenlit a visionary project set to redefine luxury travel – a $250 million private cruise port, destined to become an emblem of opulence and leisure. Picture this: a lavish casino, a sumptuous 200-room hotel, an exhilarating waterpark, and an elite 18-hole golf course, all nestled alongside state-of-the-art marina facilities catering to mega-yachts. With the capacity to accommodate approximately 13,000 cruise ship passengers, this port promises an unforgettable experience for seafaring adventurers and landlubbers alike.

What's more, these initiatives are not just individual endeavors; they're part of a grand synergy set to revolutionize the island's tourism landscape. The enhanced airport facilities will seamlessly connect with the forthcoming resort, ensuring a seamless journey for guests from sky to shore. And let's not forget the boon to local employment opportunities, with thousands of Bahamians set to benefit from these ambitious undertakings.

As we stand on the cusp of this exciting chapter in Long Island's history, one thing is abundantly clear: the future is bright, and the potential for growth and prosperity knows no bounds. We invite you to join us in anticipation of the remarkable journey ahead as we witness Long Island Bahamas evolve into a premier destination coveted by travelers the world over.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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