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We’re both Southern California natives who also love the electricity of New York City. We met in college, studying Real Estate/Sustainability and Urban/Regional Development, then and went our separate ways. But our instincts for business and our skills as strategists and negotiators soon reunited us. We see the world the same way, and we work together to make things happen for our clients that those other agents -- the ones with the big offices and the monster desks --  simply can’t.

We decided to start this business in 2018 because we sensed a tremendous gap in the way that traditional real estate agencies serve their clients. Real estate has never been as complex, as nuanced, and as rapidly moving as it is today, and old-school agencies simply lack the emerging industry knowledge and the agility needed to interact with today’s market in meaningful ways. As a result, many opportunities are lost.

The market moves fast, and we move with it. We are dedicated to deepening our knowledge of every element of our work, and this dedication is what allows us to fully prepare you for what is to come, whether buying, selling, renting, developing, or remodeling. We give you a realistic assessment of the risks, and we forecast outcomes with tremendous accuracy. Because we are both digital natives, we employ the full spectrum of digital intelligence to ask the right questions and get you the answers you need to make smart choices.

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Our approach is sleek and streamlined because we’ve jettisoned everything that doesn’t serve our clients to the nth degree. Most real estate agencies are slow-moving, jumbo cruise ships.  A good choice for those prone to seasickness. And let’s not forget the bingo and midnight buffet. By contrast, Cadiz & Lluis is a lightning-fast speedboat that’s powering up way ahead of the next wave. We are minimalist ninjas, ironic since we devote ourselves to landing some of the market’s most luxurious properties for our clients.


Here’s what we know for sure: building an amazing future starts right here, right now, by making the right decisions and taking informed action today.

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