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Originally named “Yuma” by Arawak Indians, the island was renamed “Fernandina” by Christopher Columbus in 1492. However, Long Island earned its current name because a seafarer felt it took too long to sail past the island. After all, it is 80 miles long, but no more than four miles wide at its broadest point.


The Tropic of Cancer runs directly through the island, giving it two very different coastlines—the dramatic cliffs and caves of the east coast that front the crashing Atlantic waves, and the sandy edged lee side which slopes calmly into the Bahamas Bank. Here you’ll find world-famous Dean’s Blue Hole, historic twin churches built in the 1800s, and a large ancient cave system. But, the ruins of St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church are an often unsung attraction. Believed to have been started by the Spaniards in the 1600's and completed in the 1800's, it is said to be the oldest church structure in The Bahamas.

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At Coconut Bay, our luxury villas are built by skilled craftsmen so that your interior space is matched only with the paradise awaiting outside


Coconut Bay is currently in development with 28 villas, with two different size models available. 14 of each size will be built. These villas are being sold on first come, first served basis. We are offering multiple ways to help you obtain your piece of PARADISE.


  • Buyers choose the Lot where their Villa is located within Coconut Bay

  • Each Lot is 3,600 Sq Ft. 

  • All With Unobstructed Ocean Views

Coconut Bay will be offering 9 lots varying in size from 7,500 - 10,400 Sq Ft.

for custom built homes. Custom home sizes can vary from 3,000 - 5,000 Sq Ft.

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2 Beds 2 Baths

1,080 Sq Ft

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3 Beds 3 Baths

2,160 Sq Ft

Purchase Options

Our Buyers Guide is available for download. The guide covers the Lot Section Process, Purchase Information, Resort Overview, and Much More! 

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HOA Fees

Full list of HOA Fees within Coconut Bay are detailed in our Buyers Guide

Purchase Options

Coconut Bay offers 3 purchase options, details are found in our Buyers Guide

Rental Program

Join our Rental Program to earn revenue when you are not visiting. More information can be available in our Buyers Guide

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