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Transition your home into a smart home

Remember the Disney movie Smart House? The late 90’s movie definitely didn’t get everything right about high-tech homes (especially the part about the house turning on the owner). But, 20+ years later, our homes are smarter than ever. Well, some of our homes. If you’re still working with a “dumb” house, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Here’s why—and how to do it.

Your Home, But Smarter

There are a few big benefits to a smart home beyond the fact that it’s going to be easier (and more fun) to manage your home. First off, smart homes can be way more energy-efficient because they can automatically turn off lights, appliances, etc. when they don’t detect any movement. They can also give you data into where you may be using more energy than you need to and tips on how to conserve. This means you’ll get financial benefits, too! Second, smart homes can help prevent theft and fire to keep your home as safe as possible. An alarm system or Amazon Ring-like device is a great place to start.

Preparing Your Home For a Smart Upgrade

Before you start ordering the latest home technology, there are a few things you’ll want to do to prep your home. First, upgrade your WiFi. You’ll want as strong a signal as possible to keep all your new devices working at top speed throughout the house. Of course, you’ll also want to do your research on all the smart home offerings and take some time to think about which system(s) you’d actually use. You probably don’t need an intercom system if you live in a two-bedroom apartment.

World-Renown Brands To Start With

Most of the brands whose products you use every day also have smart home products — think Apple, Google, Amazon, and more. A benefit to purchasing smart home products from a brand you already use is that it might sync to your devices better and you’re already familiar with how to use their products. You may also want to check out Brilliant’s Smart Home System Or Unify Smart Home Experts which provide an all-in-one control system that syncs up with the most popular smart home brands (Alexa, Sonos, Amazon Ring, etc.) to get everything installed efficiently in your home.

If Your Home Isn’t Getting Smarter, Is It Getting Dumber?

At the end of the day, your home should be your sanctuary, and the ideal sanctuary doesn’t involve you worrying that you didn't set your alarm system before leaving for vacation or having to walk downstairs to switch the thermostat when you’re in bed with a fever. Getting a smart home doesn’t have to be an expensive, large-scale endeavor. You can start small with the essentials, and work your way up to something that feels like a technologically-savvy paradise.

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