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How improving your landscape in California can boost your home value in 2022!

Our clients are always asking for ways to increase their home value before listing it on the market. We always tell them landscaping can have the biggest impact on the exterior of their home. According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 99 percent of their members said curb appeal is most important for attracting buyers. The first thing buyers see is the property’s front yard which can prejudge their overall opinion of the entire property.

How much does landscaping increase the value of your home?

We went on a couple of landscaping tours with Luis Cadiz, Avalon Landscaping CEO, throughout Los Angeles to discuss the value of the landscape. Luis Cadiz has done over 200+ residential landscaping with 40+ years of experience. He believes having a properly assembled front and backyard can have the biggest return on investment (ROI) and can even double your home’s value.

A Virginia Tech survey found investing in your landscaping can “significantly increase perceived home value” resulting in higher sales prices compared to homes with minimal landscaping improvements. Usually, sellers focus on the front and neglect the backyard. Since living in the pandemic backyards has become extremely important to buyers, entertainment or relaxing features can increase your home’s value. Instead of leaving your front yard open, think about planting hedges for privacy and making your front yard space more usable for entertainment. Even in smaller yards, adding a fountain or pond for soothing water sounds in a plentiful green garden can create a relaxing environment.

How to create amazing curb appeal on a budget?

If you need to improve your landscaping on a budget, here are some low-budget ways to make your home look beautifully maintained. An inexpensive tip is applying fresh mulch throughout your lawn to retain soil moisture, reduce weeds and nurture plants. Also, adding groups of accent plants to create volume and color makes your yard pop.

If your property already has a lot of mature landscaping throughout we recommend taking some time yourself or hiring a landscaping company to the soil, clean up, and sculpt your current yard. When your landscaping is cleaned and sculpted it makes your home more appealing to buyers.

If you need any assistance or recommendation please feel free to reach out at 818-642-4050.

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