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Ground Broken on $250m Long Island port

A new cruise port Calypso Cove coming to Long Island, Bahamas! This is huge news for Lon Island and Coconut Bay.

Calypso Cove, a new $250 million (USD) resort and cruise port on south Long Island, has broken ground, giving cruise passengers a new destination to explore in The Bahamas. The new port, which is expected to be completed in two years, will be able to accommodate even the world's largest cruise ships.

Prime Minister Philip 'Brave" Davis told The Tribune “We are committed, and we need to ensure that opportunities for Long Islanders, as for any islander, is the same as it is for those in New Providence. We’re committed to that, and we will continue on that journey,”

Long Island will see a surge in tourism, investment, and aviation, according to Minister Chester Cooper, who added that this latest project was just the beginning of what was to come for Long Island residents.

With the construction of this massive port, new businesses will spring up all over the island, from construction to Airbnbs and other bed and breakfasts, restaurants to retail, tours, and various new investments, and we will also see many Long Islanders return home, stay home after graduating high school, and return to invest in this island."

This is perfect for Coconut Bay and excited to see what this brings to the booming Long Island. A home, rental or investment in Long Island can be done with our Oceanfront and Grand Villas!

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